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Can long distance relationships work?

That is the question I am facing right now and that I have been facing the last 2 years. 

How come when you are abroad you always meet the man of your dream or you meet him when he is in your city but only for a few days? 

Then what do you do? One part of you want things to just last the moment you are together and the other one want to try and start a long distance relationship. As a girl you often choose the second voice, yes because we are romantic even me that is far from being a romantic (well that’s what I believe but deep inside I know it is wrong)! 

So I started another long distance relationship after I promised myself not to! Because : “this time the relationship could work because it is different”! What makes the relationship different this time? Well the answer is easy, the guy I am with make the relationship different! But wait a minute that was what I thought last time too! So the question is Am I doomed to only try long distance relationships because it is actually convenient for me that way, so I don’t really have to commit myself, introduce the person to my friends and parents and seeing the other person every time! There must a little bit of that! 

However, the great part of being in a long distance relationship is the fact that you are always trying. Trying to seduce the other and let him know that you think about him, there is less routine and what is more and more important you get to miss the significant other more. And I think I love missing the other person and love the moment when we meet again. I love the fact in a long distance relationship you make project, at least my other and I make project for the next time we see each other and I just long for this next time. 

PS : Thank you Jake Bugg for spreading your voice all other my apartment and helping me to write :) and thanks to my other for making me discover Jake Bugg. 

Lou K 

The disappearance of real conversations

In a time where we are all connected it seems like we are not connected in real life anymore. My neighbor last time told me that one of her friend visit her everyday, stay with her for one or two hours but they only talk for 10 minutes about their dogs and if the dogs weren’t there they would not have any conversation. So I told her that the answer was really simple maybe they just didn’t have anything to say to each other, she told me that her friend was too busy texted with her phone. So yes we have a problem with phones and screens in general. We forget about real relations and real talk, everything has to be quick. I do believe that all the new technologies and all the screens we have are great and useful but we shouldn’t forget that we are human beings and that it is important and necessary to talk, real talk. It is very interesting to speak verbally with people and to interact with, I love arguing with people because I always learn something and I can directly answer. 

As a French African young woman, what I think our Western societies need to learn from African countries is the importance of oral, the oral transmission of knowledge. In Africa people take time to talk, this time can in Western countries considered as wasted since time is money in these countries. 

We have to take time to talk and know the others thus know more about us. 

Lou K 

How come walking on the street in Paris with big afro hair when you are a black woman seems like a big effort since all people look at you like you came right out of a circus! I am tired of hearing people sarcasm about my hair, tired people looking at me like I was too different from them, tired of people laughing or staring at me. So yes I am a black 22 years old girl proud of walking around my city with my afro hair out so parisian and all the rest just get use to it! 

Where are we going? 

-Read yesterday that people throw bananas on a black minister in Italy. What a shame. 

-Read this morning about the ” racist van” in England to reduce immigration. 

We still need to fight against racism

El Anatsui a Ghanaian artist so talented with a nomad spirit. I am in love with this guy’s work.

Here, where men sit and hear each other groan;
Where palsy shakes a few, sad, last grey hairs,
Where youth grows pale, and spectre-thin, and dies;
Where but to think is to be full of sorrow
And leaden-eyed despairs;
Where beauty cannot keep her lustrous eyes,
Or new Love pine at them beyond to-morrow.

Peut être que la nuit le monde fait la trève et qu’aujourd’hui ton sourire fait la grève

d’où vient la vie
où vont les vaisseaux maudits
sois la soie
sois encore à moi

(Source: Spotify)